Magic spells can be learned if you visit the Old Hag at Mulligan. In addition, the Old Hag will require a special item in order to teach you a spell. The spells you can learn are also dependent on your magic level.

Casting spells will consume MP. Your maximum MP is determined by your magic level. Used MP will regenerate +1 every 5 minutes of game play. You can also obtain items which can restore your MP.

Spells do not stack. So for example, the first Magic Spell you can obtain is called "Logger". This spell will reduce you woodcutting time. If you recast this spell it will simply overwrite the previous cast.

The amount of time a spell lasts is determined by your magic level.

Tools and accessories for magic:

Item Image Item Name Item Description
Ancient Spell Book Item needed to learn spells

1 Ancient Spellbook is used to learn 1 spell - Chaos Mages are the only creatures that drop this item

Magic Staff Item needed to cast spells

Crafted item

Magic Ring Level 10 Item

Crafted item - Decreases Spell Cast time by 5%.

Small MP Potion Item used to gain MP

Can be obtained from loot bags, unlocked chests, or combat drop - Restores 1 MP.

Medium MP Potion Level 10 Item used to gain MP

Can be obtained from loot bags & unlocked chests- Restores 2 MP.

Bottle Of Poison Halloween creature drop - Restores 1 MP

Spells for magic:

Spell Name Level Spell Description XP MP USED
Logger 1 -2 Woodcutting time 10xp 5 MP
Excavator 2 -2 Mining time 10xp 5 MP
Fisher 3 -2 Fishing time 10xp 5 MP
Chef 4 +2 Success rate cooking 10xp 5 MP
Steady Hands 7 +2 success to crafting 10 XP 6 MP
Loggera 10 -5 Woodcutting time 25XP 12 MP
Excavatora 11 -5 Mining time 25XP 12 MP
Fishera 12 -5 Fishing time 25XP 12 MP
Chefa 13 +3 Success rate Cooking 25XP 12 MP
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