Skill icon lockpicking

To begin lockpicking you need a set of Lockpicking tools which can be bought from the local shop at Bonavista and Henley Harbour for 10 gold.

Tools and accessories for Lockpicking

Item Image Item Name Description
Lockpicking tools The lockpicking tools have to be equipped to unlocked locked chest.

Locked Items

Locked items can be obtained while woodcutting and may be opened at any location. You must have a set of lockpicking tools equipped to open locked items.

Item Image Item Name Level Needed Exp Result
Locked Small Chest 1 50
Locked large Chest 15 130
Locked Mystic Chest 25 220

Ancient Tombs / Ancient Labyrinths

Ancient Tombs and Ancient Labyrinths are a random global event that will show up in red announcement chat and identify what location the tomb was found. Players who travel to the Ancient Tomb can attempt to guess the correct number to open the tomb. Whoever guesses the correct number will receive the contents, which can include various Talismans, seeds and Gems.

You can guess a number every 30 seconds.

Level 1-24: Every guess provides 10 lockpicking experience.

Level 25-?: Every guess provides 13 lockpicking experience.

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