Events in Camadia are random and sent by the game's admin. Not all skills have events as yet, but a lot of them do.

Camadian Holidays

General skill events:

General skill events include everything except 3 skills. Lockpicking and combat have their own sections below and farming, which doesn't currently have an event.

When these events occur you continue with your skill as normal but a message will show at the top of your work screen to tell you that you are getting an extra 20% experience.


Lockpicking events are sent in the form of Ancient Labyrinths/Tombs. When these appear at a location you will see a link to them in the Location Actions section of the screen.

Once you click to start the Labyrinth/Tomb a 30 second timer will start and you will need to wait for this to count down before trying to guess the right combination to open it. You can guess 1 number every 30 seconds and each guess will give you 5 lockpicking experience.

Regular Camadia Combat Events:

Combat events are when creatures invade towns and fighters kill them for extra experience. There is also an event only creature:

Image Creature CL HP EXP Known Drops
Chaos Mage 9 10 21
Barbarian 19 22 45
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